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Frequently Asked Questions


No difference! They all have full spectrum wave lengths your plants love. It's all a matter of color preference and what looks good for your plant space. No matter if you're after Original, Pure White or Warm White, your plants are covered!

We usually recommend 1ft to begin with and move as required. Keep an eye on your plants as they will give you feedback. They're so neat!

Most of our amazing customers leave the light on for 12 hours per day, closely mimicking the same time the sun is out.

Yes! Any screw in socket will do the trick, you just need to make sure it's wide enough for the bulb to fit. Our grow light bulbs are 4.8 inches in diameter.

You need to register your product to receive these bonus extras. Please check the instructions that are inside your Haus Bright product box (usually under the lid). One lens cover per household. Terms and conditions apply.

The protective lens cover has been designed to protect your LED's when the bulb is turned off. While the plastic is high quality and heat resistant, your safety is our number one concern.

It really depends on the size of house plants, but our grow lights have massive coverage and are super bright. You could keep a bunch of plants happy with just one of our grow bulbs 💪


You would be supporting our small family company and our direct website is also a little cheaper. Plus you get FREE regular shipping!


We have partnered with Deliverr who offer up to 2-Day Delivery across the US. They're super reliable and quick! Plus if your order is over $40, you get this for FREE!


We're so sorry to hear about your experience. Our number one mission is your satisfaction. Please visit the Contact page and let our support team know, citing your order ID and any supporting evidence like photos. We'll make things right!